Hey, y’all, and welcome to Southern Roots Blog! I’m Holly, a thirty-something Southern girl usually trying to find a midnight plane headed anywhere. Seriously, I’m a total travel junkie. Luckily (or, strategically, rather) I’ve found myself with a career which allows for lots of travel time! With that time, you can usually find me pursuing the things I love most…travel, food, photography, and sharing my adventures. Hence, Southern Roots Blog was born; a travel and lifestyle blog with a twang! I’m here to share my adventures, travel tips, great food, pictures, and pretty much anything else that will get me closer to becoming a famous travel blogger who has to give up her day job and devote all her time to travel, leisure, and responding to fan mail.

Wanderlust, simply defined, is a strong longing for or impulse toward traveling. By that definition, I am one consumed by wanderlust. There are many like me, travel junkies, united by that feeling of restlessness that occurs when the time between the last trip and the next trip is seemingly too long. The interim period, then, becomes a time devoted to travel planning, learning as much as possible about the next great destination and how to make the most of it all! Wanderers near and far, I am one of you and I welcome you here! My travels have taken me many places I never dreamed of seeing, and sometimes back again. Whether I’m venturing off to Europe, the Caribbean, or the Blue Ridge Mountains, I travel with an open heart, open mind, and the excitement and anticipation that wander always brings! 

Let’s face it, trying about a million different new foods is one of the absolute best things about traveling. To be fair, being a foodie isn’t just about eating anything you can get your hands on (no judgment). True foodies weave food experiences into travel much like thrill seekers weave in base jumping or skydiving. We are food adventurers and world renowned food critics in our own right. We seek out the best dives that even Guy Fieri hasn’t yet found, mushroom risotto that would make Gordon Ramsay’s mouth water, finding those menu items that we can’t even pronounce and boldly saying, “I’ll have a double portion of that!” Don’t worry, not everyone is cut out to be a true foodie. That’s why I’m here, to carry the burden and share my food adventures with the world! 

With so much traveling and eating, photography seems to be the best way to share the evidence! When words fail us, pictures are there to encompass everything we would say if we could. Unlike most things in life, photography can be beautifully uncomplicated. Fancy equipment is nice, but not always necessary. All photographs on Southern Roots Blog are my own using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 or iPhone. My goal is to create vivid images using simple tools. The Lumix serves double duty as my go-to underwater camera and survives getting dropped or banged up like a champ. When it comes to photography, I love it and I take tons of pictures when I travel, but I’m definitely no Ansel Adams. Luckily, it’s also something that can continually improve. I hope you enjoy the process (pun intended)!

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