montreal city hall

How to Explore Montreal for Free

Who doesn’t love the word free, right? Let’s face it, traveling can become ridiculously expensive and extended travel can really do a number on the old bank account. When we set out on our extended Canadian road trip, seeking out free and low-cost activities was the key to stretching our trip out as long as […]

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Parliament Hill Ottawa

Discover Ottawa in 48 Hours

Oh, Canada! How I wish I had discovered you sooner! When it comes to travel destinations, Canada really has it all: thriving cities filled with art and culture, a melting pot of diversity, rugged outdoor adventure, sprawling vineyards, tasty foodie finds, possibly the most polite residents in the world, Tim Horton’s, and of course, the […]

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Toronto’s Best Brunch!

Hey, y’all! First things first…I’m definitely going to skip over the part where it’s been a solid YEAR since I’ve posted and skip right to what brought me back into the blogosphere. Some of y’all already know that for me and the kiddo, summer break means lots of exploring. This year’s break is no exception […]

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Grown Ups Day Out, London!

As much fun as I had exploring London with my son and doing about a million different kid-friendly activities, sometimes you just need a GUDO, or, Grown Ups Day Out! Can I get an Amen from all the parents? Y’all know what I mean! So, while my son had his own adventure day at Ursuline […]

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