Grown Ups Day Out, London!

As much fun as I had exploring London with my son and doing about a million different kid-friendly activities, sometimes you just need a GUDO, or, Grown Ups Day Out! Can I get an Amen from all the parents? Y’all know what I mean! So, while my son had his own adventure day at Ursuline […]

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Borough Market Food Journey

Another fun-filled, busy week is coming to an end here in London and I find that I still haven’t found time to share our Lisbon trip experience. Being a world traveler is time consuming, y’all! However, before I (eventually) get my thoughts together and sum up our Tour de Portugal, I absolutely have to share […]

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Afternoon Tea at The Orangery

No one does pomp and circumstance quite like the English. A classic example of that is afternoon tea, or, high tea. I mean, who else could take something as seemingly simple as tea and turn it into a posh social gathering that has basically become its own entity? But, high tea hasn’t always been the […]

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