Let’s face it, trying about a million different new foods is one of the absolute best things about traveling to new places. And since being a foodie is the cool new thing to be, I’m already part of the in-crowd. Let’s hear it for being ahead of the game!! To be fair, being a foodie isn’t just about eating anything you can get your hands on (no judgment). No, a true foodie weaves food experiences into travel much like thrill seekers weave in base jumping or skydiving. We are food adventurers and world renown food critics in our own right, much like Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain. We seek out the best dives that even Guy Fieri hasn’t yet found, mushroom risotto that would make Gordon Ramsay’s mouth water, finding those menu items that we can’t even pronounce and boldly saying, “I’ll have a double portion of that!” Don’t worry, not everyone is cut out to be a true foodie. That’s why I’m here, to carry the burden and share my food adventures with the world! 

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