Take Flight at Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding!

Hey, y’all! As I sit here drowning in depression mixed with denial that today is, indeed, the last day of summer break, I thought the best medicine would be rethinking the adventures and new experiences this summer has held. This summer presented us with a diverse collection of cities scattered across the USA and Canada explored during our multi-week road trip. However, we found one of our favorite and most adrenaline-filled activities not very far from home. A first for both myself and the kiddo, we decided to head to Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding to soar with the eagles!

Our day started early, with a 45-minute drive to the top of Lookout Mountain where we found the flight school. After reading through all the fine print and nonchalantly signing our lives away, it was off to our launch area. The flight school offers a variety of experiences including tandem flights, solo flights, flight training, and more. Basically, if you have a hang gliding need, they can meet it! Being first timers, we decided to go with the 1500′ tandem flight.

One thing I have to mention is how exceptionally nice and knowledgeable all the staff members and instructors are. They made sure we were super safe, comfortable, and having fun the entire time. During our flights, both of our instructors told us what was going on, anything that was about to happen, and gave us the opportunity to steer and do a few tricks if we wanted. Odin, who was somewhat nervous at first, had an absolute blast with his instructor, Joe, and I’m pretty sure Joe has created a new hang-gliding enthusiast!

The entire experience was really great, with the flight over Lookout Mountain providing a beautiful landscape below. I’ve already promised the kiddo a return trip in late-autumn when the leaves are changing colors. He can’t wait!

Like most places, pictures and videos are offered as an add-on to your flight. You can see just how much fun Odin had in his video below. Overall, this is absolutely something everyone should try. Even if you are afraid of heights, the instructors do such a good job of making you feel safe that you may just leave that fear on the ground below after take-off. We have already decided we will be doubling our height to 3000′ on our next flight! Thanks, Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding, for such a great time! To check out all of their high flying options and book your next hang gliding session, click here. Until next time, y’all, thanks for stopping by!

*All opinions are solely my own. This is not a sponsored post.*

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