Street Art, Cereal Killers, and Other Hipster Happenings!

Out of all the sights we saw in London, some of my favorite ventures involved hunting down the amazing street art that can be found all over the city. I absolutely LOVE (love, love, love) great street art…murals, graffiti, political pieces…you get the idea. Street art has long been a hugely underappreciated realm of expression, so it is always refreshing to find a city that embraces beautification through street art the way London has. Don’t get me wrong, not just anyone with a can of spray paint can call himself a street artist and not every piece is actually a work of art. It takes real talent, and luckily, London is filled with some of the most highly skilled artists around. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to hunt down any pieces by Banksy, my personal favorite. Banksy, whose true identity is not confirmed, is a graffiti artist/political activist who is known around the world for his socially and politically provocative pieces. Take a few minutes to look him up. You won’t be sorry. Banksy lust aside, our street art tour started in Trinity Buoy Wharf, a subsection of Canary Wharf, an area situated directly on the Thames River. Buoy Wharf gives off such a funky vibe and there is always something artistic and creative going on. For example, we initially went to Buoy Wharf so my son could take a Parkour class and while there we saw a local indie band filming a music video on a solid red boat on the Thames right next to a coffee shop built within a huge metal shipping container.

Our street art tour continued to Brick Lane, home of all of London’s finest hipsters. Brick Lane is an expressive art lover’s paradise, with buskers around every corner showing off their skills.

Check out this video clip of Spanish beat-boxing champion, Fredy Beats, for just a sample of the diverse talent we encountered. (Click play button)

There was no lack of street art to be found in the Brick Lane area. In contrast to the detailed, mural style art found in Buoy Wharf, street art in Brick Lane holds an edgier undertone with a louder (often political) message.

After all that street art hunting we worked up a killer appetite. So, where better to go than Cereal Killer Cafe, dedicated to serving up cereal in all ways imaginable. Basically, it’s a build your own cereal bar with over 120 different kinds of cereal, 30+ varieties of milk to choose from, and more than 20 toppings. Anyway you calculate it, that’s a lot of different cereal combinations, y’all! But, it isn’t just cereal at Cereal Killer. They also have a killer atmosphere decked out with ton’s of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, and even have seating areas outfitted with beds instead of tables.

Like I said earlier, you can build your own cereal or order from a cereal cocktail menu created by the staff. We ordered a trio of cereal cocktails, including the Shooty Shooty Bang Bang (krave, milk way magic stars, popping candy, chocolate, and white chocolate milk), the Lion King (lion cereal, coco caramel shreddies, rolos, and caramel milk), and the Vanilla Ice Ice Baby (frozen cereal, white chocolate buttons, ice cubes, and white chocolate milk). Admittedly, if I had it to do over again, I would definitely build my own cereal creation  and add more toppings. When we first went into the cafe I swear I saw unicorns jumping out of some people’s cereal bowls. So, when our cereal arrived it was a little less exciting. However, totally worth a visit. Totally worth a second visit, actually, sans the pre-made cereal cocktail menu. Cereal Killer also does killer malt shakes and of course we had to try one, you know, for the sake of the readers. We ordered the pop tart malt shake which was garnished with an entire pop tart and almost too pretty to drink (almost). Cereal Killer has filled a super cool niche in Brick Lane that appeals to both kids and adults and provides an outside the (cereal) box experience for everyone.

Our day out hunting street art was definitely a colorful one. You can never really go wrong when art and cereal are involved, right? Until next time, y’all, thanks for stopping by!

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