Toronto’s Best Brunch!

Hey, y’all! First things first…I’m definitely going to skip over the part where it’s been a solid YEAR since I’ve posted and skip right to what brought me back into the blogosphere. Some of y’all already know that for me and the kiddo, summer break means lots of exploring. This year’s break is no exception […]

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Borough Market Food Journey

Another fun-filled, busy week is coming to an end here in London and I find that I still haven’t found time to share our Lisbon trip experience. Being a world traveler is time consuming, y’all! However, before I (eventually) get my thoughts together and sum up our Tour de Portugal, I absolutely have to share […]

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Afternoon Tea at The Orangery

No one does pomp and circumstance quite like the English. A classic example of that is afternoon tea, or, high tea. I mean, who else could take something as seemingly simple as tea and turn it into a posh social gathering that has basically become its own entity? But, high tea hasn’t always been the […]

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